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Based in New Hope, Minnesota, Systium has been providing a wide range of reliable high technology components for customers that require the very best technology platforms and rigid adherence to FCC and UL standards. Systium products provide reliable platforms that meet the rigorous government compliance standards and embrace the open software architecture available from standard PC platforms.


Systium Technologies' focus is to provide tested and certified MotherBoard ReadySM systems for easy assembly of high quality, leading edge engineered computer systems. MotherBoard ReadySM systems are engineered as a complete building block that includes the chassis, power supply, motherboard integration kit, end user packaging and documentation. The integrator adds motherboard, CPU, memory and peripherals.

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SYSTIUM was less than pleased with its communications system. The Samsung system was aging. Sytium was planning a move to a new headquarters building. With all of the upgrades and new plant layout, bringing over the old phone system just didn’t seem right.

The existing system was beginning to show signs of age and Systium did not want to run into a situation where the system would fail and leave them without reliable communications infrastructure. SYSTIUM wanted more control over their telecommunications system. After all, the company has built a strong reputation embracing technology. “We use the latest technology in our manufacturing and design processes and felt that we needed to bring our telephone system up to the same standards as the rest of our IT infrastructure”, said Fred Rosendahl.

Systium began studying the various alternatives to the old legacy telephone system. They decided to not move the old system to the new location. They wanted a system that would provide all of the benefits that their existing old system had, but wanted more control over the system so any changes would not necessarily result in an expensive service call.

Their search ended when they discovered IPitomy. IPitomy systems would provide all of the functionality that they were used to plus delivered some additional features and functionality they wanted.

“In Minnesota, our weather can be unpredictable “, says Fred, “we wanted to be able to forward our telephones to our cell phones or home phones if we could not get to the plant. With the old system, we lost sales when ever the weather was too bad to get into the office and the best we could hope for was voice messaging.” They wanted a solution that could compensate for the weather and provide good old fashioned in-person service; even during times of crisis.

The fact that the IPitomy system did not require the additional expense of separate cabling for legacy phones was a big money saver. Systium saved approximately $2000 in cabling costs by eliminating the separate cabling expense since the IPitomy system uses the network category 5 cabling. Since the telephones are on the LAN, there is no cost to move them. The phones are simply unplugged from one location and plugged into a different location when they need to be moved. Systium has relocated 7 extensions on 7 different occasions. It used to costs about $100 to move a phone when it involved a service call. 

Like all contemporary business owners, Systium is faced with the challenge of accommodating the needs of their employees with regard to family situations. With IPitomy, calls can be forwarded to other extensions, other telephone numbers and even mobile phones. This helps keep everyone connected even when life presents its little challenges. Systium estimates productivity lost to absence has been reduced significantly due to the flexibility of their communications system. 

Systium has taken advantage of the flexibility and cost savings of IP telephony from IPitomy. The system was easily installed, changes are very simple to make on the administration console. The advanced conferencing, unified messaging and automated attendant features provide Systium with big company performance at a price that fit their budget. The tremendous flexibility to accommodate the requirements of their unique business has created a satisfied customer.

Applications and Services

Improved flexibility and productivity.

IPitomy allows Systium to set up flexible business hours call routing to accommodate their complex business hours. The various departments can operate on a schedule that meets the needs of our customers while IPitomy routes calls based on the company’s requirements during specific business hours.

Extensions can be forwarded to off premise extensions easily and the forwarding can be changed from any telephone key pad, including mobile phones. 

Voice Messages are received in the voice messaging system and sent to email. This provides enhanced response time and easy archiving of messages on the desktop.

Adding users, moving phones and making changes is easy and reduces service calls and eliminates implementation delays.

IPitomy IP Phones IPitomy IP telephones have world class quality and capabilities:


  • Address Book
  • Missed Calls List
  • Exceptional Speaker Phone
  • XML Driven Features
  • Monitor Status of other extensions
  • Caller ID Conference Calls
  • Record Conversations
  • System Management


The system can be managed from anywhere. The web based interface allows remote management. Built in security features provide protection against unauthorized intruders.

Built for the Future Systium has implemented IPitomy using reliable analog telephone lines. “We chose to take the implementation one step at a time” remarked Derek Curran, “we are anxious to expand to a T1 soon and we are pleased that IPitomy provided for this growth option”.

In fact, Systium has now got all of the options available to them for the future. Analog lines, T1 lines and VoIP Provider lines are all a possibility. The choice is up to Systium. 

IPitomy provides all the business applications required for business in one comprehensive package.