IPitomy Announces SIP Trunking Interoperability with Paetec

IPitomy and Paetec have successfully completed Interoperability testing  for SIP Trunks.

For Immediate Release

Sarasota , FL Tuesday April 26, 2011 Paetec and IPitomy announced that they have successfully completed interoperability testing between SIP products and services. Paetec is now interoperable with IPitomy’s Pure IP PBX platform.

IPitomy designs and manufactures IP telephony equipment for businesses.  Paetec, a Fortune 1000 company that provides advanced communication solutions to businesses nationwide.  IPitomy’s PBX and Paetec services create a complete telecommunication solution for businesses of all sizes using SIP trunking as well as traditional TDM services.

Paetec can now provide new customers using IPitomy’s IP PBX high quality bandwidth and SIP telephone service at an attractive price and unparalleled quality of Service.

“We are confident that with this new relationship, we will see an increase of resellers and new customers combining IPitomy’s IP PBX products with Paetec VoIP services,” said Paul Falanga, Product Manager with IPitomy.

“IPitomy sets itself apart from its competitors by providing enhanced features beyond the typical key systems and PBXs of the past,” he added.

Nick Branica, President and CEO of IPitomy, said: “IPitomy is happy to add Paetec to our growing list of qualified SIP providers. SIP providers are a very important component to the growth of the IP PBX market and Paetec adds value to our total overall product offering. Open Standards SIP based systems are all about choice.”

PAETEC (NASDAQ: PAET), a FORTUNE 1000 company, is personalizing business communications for medium and large businesses, enterprise organizations and institutions across the United States. We offer a comprehensive suite of IP, voice, data, and Internet services, as well as enterprise communications management software, network security solutions, CPE, and managed services. For more information, visit www.paetec.com.

About IPitomy Communications:

IPitomy Communications is a premier developer of pure voice over IP PBX systems and SIP based telephones that are meeting a market demand internationally for a feature-rich, price competitive Unified Communications Business Solutions. IPitomy designs and manufactures a complete line of IP telephony equipment including IP PBX Systems, IP Telephones, Desktop Call Manager and Call Center Software.

For more information visit http://www.IPitomy.com


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