IPitomy Hits Milestone of 750 VoIP Technicians Registered in IPitomy Academy in 9 Months

The market demand for VoIP is increasing along with the need to have trained technicians. IPitomy Academy is an important element in IPitomy's customer service Eco-system; combining cutting edge technology with dealer friendly support and training.

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) October 08, 2013 IPitomy announces a new milestone; 750 registered technicians on it's world class on-line training academy. The company reports that while sales are increasing, technical support calls are dropping indicating positive results from the on-line training Academy. The core of the Eco-system is training, sales support and close relationships with it's dealers.

As the telecommunications industry speeds headlong into VoIP technology, technology dealers across the country have been adapting their business models to stay competitive. As traditional telecom technology gasps its last breath, telephone system dealers are making the move to join IPitomy as they step into the world of VoIP technology. Transitioning from traditional telecom systems to IP technology brings many benefits to businesses. The demand for VoIP is driving growth as end customers embrace the technology.

Leading the charge towards IP voice integration since 2005, IPitomy is one of the few manufacturers to offer a “pure” VoIP PBX from its inception. While other manufacturers are slowly moving into the world of VoIP from their traditional TDM and hybrid products, IPitomy has VoIP in its DNA. Nick Branica, founder and CEO who has close to 30 years in the telecommunications industry says, “ IPitomy was created with the future in mind, utilizing and advancing the latest in VoIP technology, rather than simply relying on the old platform; which is left over from the late 1800’s”. As VoIP technology has progressed, the company has grown organically to take advantage of it. Offering its online training academy, knowledgeable sales staff and experienced technical support, dealers receive a personal touch which is not commonly found in technology companies. These benefits coupled with IPitomy’s exceptional IP-PBX, which boasts a robust feature set, intuitive GUI interface, and competitive price point, dealers have reason to partner with IPitomy.

David Scot with Expand Communications recently thanked IPitomy for being instrumental in growing his company, “Your product has really made a difference for our small company, not only with an increase in revenue, but also with the perception of our business from our partners and clients. Thanks again for all you do..... We do appreciate and value our relationship with your company.” Partnering with IPitomy is like having an experienced VoIP advisor who helps to train, sell, implement and maintain the IP-PBX product.

As the needs of business communications change, IPitomy continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology to offer customized communications solutions to their clients. All of IPitomy’s IP-PBXs are SIP native and require no licensing for SIP trunks. SIP trunks are the primary driver for VoIP savings. Implementing VoIP with SIP trunking can often save businesses 50% or more on monthly telecommunications costs. It is not uncommon for the cost savings with SIP trunks to offset the total cost of a new IP PBX System. This makes integrating with SIP trunks all the more attractive for businesses who utilize the IPitomy IP- PBX. With new apps always on the horizon like Virtual Agent, Advanced Call Routing and many more, businesses will be more connected and have more options to choose from than ever before.
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IPitomy Communications is a premier pure voice over IP PBX system that is meeting a market demand internationally for a feature-rich, price competitive Unified Communications Business System. IPitomy designs and manufactures a complete line of IP telephony equipment including IP PBX Systems, IP Telephones, Desktop Call Manager and Call Center Software. For more information visit http://IPitomy.com .

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