IPitomy Communications Launches Innovative VoIP SIP Trunk Packages for Small to Medium Sized Business

New SIP trunk packages allow businesses to burst calls during peak calling periods without any penalty, expanding the capacity of their telecommunications resources on demand.

IPitomy, a leader in VoIP unified communications platforms including premise based and virtual cloud based business solutions, announced that they have partnered with a longtime affiliate to offer competitive SIP trunking packages to Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB’s). With the changing dynamics of today’s economy, SIP trunking is quickly becoming a preferred option for businesses to reduce monthly phone costs and obtain high flexibility.

By providing innovative VoIP telephony for thousands of businesses across the US, IPitomy has positioned itself as a leader among the major competitors of IP-PBX manufacturers by offering innovative SIP trunk packages with burstability and multiple DID numbers. With extensive experience in the VoIP industry, IPitomy has specifically designed these SIP trunk packages to accommodate the needs of today’s businesses.

Burstable SIP packages starting as low as $75.00 for 10 lines, burstable to 20, are sure to turn heads for those businesses looking to reduce monthly operating costs. IPitomy’s burstability feature allows for the increase in call traffic that often occurs in cyclical businesses such as retail companies and doubles call capacity as demand grows. Many types of businesses will also benefit such as medical companies who will be able to enjoy higher capacity during peak hours, without paying for additional infrastructure when not required. As conferencing becomes more popular, the burstability of IPitomy SIP trunks can accommodate large conference calls, which the IPItomy IP-PBX system includes as a standard feature.

SIP trunks are very scalable and as businesses grow, they can easily move into the appropriate sized SIP package to obtain the most competitive month to month plans. Businesses of every size are sure to find these SIP trunking packages very attractive. The affordability, burstability and scalability of IPitomy SIP trunking gives businesses good reason to consider upgrading their phone systems. For small entrepreneurial startups who use IPitomy’s virtual cloud based technology, innovative businesses can utilize their existing mobile phones with or without having a physical office.

Businesses switching to SIP trunks are often able to reduce line cost by 50% or more every month. Nick

Branica, IPitomy’s CEO says, “We looked for an experienced partner to offer businesses an opportunity to reduce their monthly communications costs while getting the most mileage out of VoIP technology. The new SIP program allows businesses to step into tomorrow’s IP-PBX technology while dramatically reducing monthly expenses related to traditional phone service or hosted applications.” IPitomy SIP trunks are easy to configure on any phone system that interfaces with SIP trunk technology.

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