IPitomy Optional XL Chassis


The IPitomy XL Chassis is available in configurations for the IP1200, IP2000 and IP5000 IP PBX Systems.  The XL platform provides enhanced processing power for the IP1200 as well as a more compact form factor for the IP2000 and IP5000 systems.  

The XL Platform includes many standard and optional features:

  • Software RAID options with front loading drive bays
  • Air filtration
  • Redundant power supply option
  • Intelligent  electronic cooling fan controls. 
  • 2u Chassis fits 19" rack
  • 15 inches deep
  • Lockable front access panel 
  • Convenient butterfly lock 
  • Temperature alarm
  • Temperature settings
  • Quiet Operation

The XL Chassis is available for IP2000XL and IP5000XL configurations.

The larger 2U chassis allows more airflow and allows extra space to include optional hot swap removable drive bays.  Hard disks can be swapped out without removing the unit from the rack.