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IPitomy Managed Router Services Enhances VoIP Quality

The increase in dependence upon the Internet over the past 15 years has grown substantially. You probably have more devices critical to your business depending on your Internet connection than ever before.  Managing that Internet connection is extremely important.  Security vulnerabilities, access to essential data and bandwidth prioritization have  become high priorities in the "Internet of Everything" age.  IPitomy is a cost effective solution that ensures that you are protecting your data and making sure that there are minimal disruptions to your business without the need to hire additional IT staff to keep up with it. 

IPitomy offers an optional router and Internet monitoring and support services. The support services include 24/7 monitoring of the Internet (WAN) and local area network (LAN) connections. Each router is located on the customer premise. The router is connected to our cloud based monitoring and support center. Automatic alarms are generated when important events are triggered. As soon as a problem is detected, technicians are alerted and a notification is sent to the responsible parties. The cloud diagnostics and monitoring are hard at work all day and night keeping a watch on your connections.

Traffic Management

IPitomy's system is designed around traffic management and traffic flow required by many of today's real-time services including VoIP, Video, Point of Sale and other real time monitoring systems. These real-time systems are built-in technologies that don't always properly communicate on congested networks. Our technology identifies these technologies and makes sure that ALL packets related to these services are sent and received. The  system specifically makes these technologies work well on normal or congested DSL & Cable style networks without any configuration, right out of the box. The way the Internet works, it's not a matter of if a connection will become congested or have a problem, it's a matter of when. Whether it's a massive upload or maxing out your bandwidth, with IPitomy, all the real-time traffic will make it to and from it's destination.


With today's networks, outages are a real possibility, especially with generic Cable and DSL connections. The IPitomy solution can provide multi-wan fail-over including full fail-over with a backup connection or a 3G/4G wireless connection. Our special design can fail-over telephones and computers in as little as eight seconds, restoring full functionality. In conjunction with our special technology, vMPLS can keep an entire wide area network up. Our solution is engineered for high availability with today's standard networks.

Network Monitoring

Since IPitomy is a hosted PBX and a SIP Trunk provider, we appreciate the value diagnostic are in providing customer support. For most hosted and service providers they have no way to manage or monitor traffic between their network and their customer's. All of our tools are built for advanced diagnostics and data for all real-time applications. We provide real-time visual trace routes, MOS scores, latency, jitter, along with, a matrix style monitoring system. We have advanced detailed bandwidth graphs and historical reporting for last mile carrier troubleshooting.

- 24/7 Monitoring w/ Customized Alerts (Email and SMS)

- Real-Time Network Statistics Including

  •      Packet Loss
  •      Latency
  •      Jitter
  •      Link Connectivity
  •      Traffic Graphs
  •      Detailed User Connectivity
  •      Hardware Temps
  •      Hardware Load

- Dashboard Overview Provides Map Overview of All Your Locations

- Detailed Historical Data & Analytics

- Custom Traffic Graphs

- Traffic Shaping

- Much More

The Smart Routing technology can easily save time & money by ensuring packets move quickly and efficient across the network. vMPLS can provide QOS (Quality of Service) and COS (Class of Service) prioritization for time-sensitive applications such as Voice and Data, completing a seamless and fully meshed Wide Area Network.



Internet Failover

Using two Internet providers allows two sources for Internet access in case one should fail.  This is incredibly important for applications like medical offices, law Firms or any business that can't allow an interuption in service.  The IPitomy system allows for a 4G or 3G cellualr option so your Internet access can be protected even if the fiber lines are cut.

Status Reporting 24 Hours per Day

IPitomy managed router services report all important WAN and LAN metrics.  Historical data is saved in our cloud servers to help identify problems should they arise and narrow down the cause so measures can be taken to eliminate the root cause of Internet issues immediately.

Strong Firewall Protection

The Highest Network Security Levels Protecting your LAN and your WAN from External Threats. IPitomy provides incredible security making sure that every customer location remains in compliance at the highest levels.  It is our upmost goal to provide a PCI and HIPAA compliant solution without constant upkeep by the end user or service providers.