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IPitomy IP PBX Installed for Township of Ypsilanti

IPitomy IP PBX and HD IP telephones were selected by the Township of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Chosen for their great feature set and competitive price point, the IPitomy system was able to connect three primary locations; the Township Civic Center, the Community Center and the Fire Department and they are now linked with all other locations regardless of size in a transparent-to-user communications network that was previously not feasible.

 Travis McDugald, IT Director Township of Ypsilanti said; “it was important to ensure everyone was part of a single Township team. No matter if your office is in a small remote site or a main location. It was important that no matter where you were, you could use the call manager software and dial any extension”. This feature alone allows for call completion without even picking up the telephone.

The Township of Ypsilanti encompasses the Township Civic Center, Community Center and Fire Department as well as many smaller facilities. The Community Center required a fully equipped infrastructure should the Township ever need to move operations temporally or build a community emergency response site. Mr. McDugald said; “At each one of these locations it was imperative that they be able to work without dependence on another site and for all sites to operate as a single system. During normal operation everyone works as one large team and should any primary site communication be disrupted we can still communicate with the public.”

The Township of Ypsilanti uses IPitomy’s Desktop Call Manager to monitor call and user status while handling calls live to assure a “personal touch” with their public. Additional advantages cited in the Ypsilanti report are; the simple user experience at the IPitomy HD telephone, low cost of ownership determined by a “long term cost analysis, availability of technical support, and a simplistic licensing model”.

Max Nettleton, of Unified Telecom Solutions, LLC, gave his reasons for selecting IPitomy; “lots of flexibility for the customer, on demand adjustments as needed, strong desktop interface tools to make users more productive, very competitive pricing, support of remote phones without the need for VPN, low cost “ONE TIME” licensing costs, and NO annual renewal fees.”

IPitomy’s President Nick Branica says: “We are of course pleased and very proud when the IPitomy solution is selected in a municipality. We are not surprised by the value that was discovered again by people doing their due-diligence to determine the best overall solution.”

Paul Falanga, IPitomy’s Product Manager said; “seeing the IPitomy solution so aptly deployed in an environment so well suited to benefit using IP communications is especially gratifying. The tools that IPitomy is able to place in front of the user like; Desktop Call Manager and Smart Personal Console and in front of the administrator for web-based programming and database maintenance are often the elements that make easy the selection of IPitomy.”

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IPitomy Communications is a premier developer of pure voice over IP PBX systems and SIP based telephones that are meeting a market demand internationally for a feature-rich, price competitive Unified Communications Business Solutions. IPitomy designs and manufactures a complete line of IP telephony equipment including IP PBX Systems, IP Telephones, Desktop Call Manager and Call Center Software.

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