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IPitomy Fax Services
When it comes to fax services, IPitomy has our clients covered. Everyone has their preference for how they like to send and receive faxes and there are several options. Regardless of which option you prefer, improving fax performance and eliminating those very expensive analog fax lines are the primary motivations for change.  In some environments, HIPAA Compliance is required and FAX is the best alternative.

It is hard sometimes to change long held habits and despite explaining how much they can save and how easy it is to adapt new technology, some people still prefer to keep their fax machine.  

Most VoIP providers prefer not to leave a fax line in a new client’s office because the old analog lines are prone to problems. Now, FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) has the potential to deliver to all constituencies, fax to email, fax from/to desktop, and fax from/to a traditional fax machine; without errors.

IPitomy now offers three different fax options satisfying the different preferences of even the most discerning business customer at price points that give the customer a significant discount over what they are used to paying while also allowing the client to keep their same fax number. Those three different services are as follows:

  1. Virtual fax-inbound only. Instead of a fax being transmitted to the customer fax machine, the fax is received by email as a pdf file attached to the email. The same fax can be emailed to multiple email addresses, faxes don’t get lost and important faxes do not get left around the fax machine for days for the wrong people to see.
  2. Virtual fax-inbound and outbound. This service is the same as above for incoming faxes but you also have the ability to send out faxes through email or your browser via a user portal. You simply scan and save a file or simply send out a file that you had previously saved and you can send out the fax from your desk. This method gives you added security and convenience and again replaces the expensive fax lines completely.
  3. FAX to/From FAX machine. For customers who prefer to use fax machines, IPitomy provides an option for a FAX ATA.  Simply plug in your fax machine as though you are plugging it into a phone jack.  The Fax ATA sends all of your faxes, no matter what size using Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP).  This reduces the cost of maintaining expensive phone lines from the local phone company and is combined with the option of sending from your desktop and receiving faxes on your desktop. There is no need to change your fax number either, just keep the same phone number you have always used for faxing.

In summary IPitomy provides a comprehensive fax options for our business customers wanting to improve their fax technology by improving features, making sending a fax much easier and saving money.