IPitomy IPitomy Smarter Business Communications

IPitomy is a different type of business phone system provider.  Where many of our competitors are focused on selling out dated technology like key systems and  circuit switched solutions, IPitomy is a Pure VoIP provider.  We design both premise based solutions as well as cloud based solutions.  Our long history of designing and developing telecommunications systems goes back to the 1980's.  We have endeavored to create a VoIP based business phone system that includes many features from the past generation as well as all of the features in the new generation of phone system.

IPitomy most importantly supplies the global telecommunications network for your phone calls.  Being both the provider of phone service as well as the designer of the phone system, support and services are all nterated into one package.  This insures the highest quality and owner satisfaction.

Why do many of our competitors not measure up?  That's simple.  They are not focused on software development, but on old fashioned hardware.  IPitomy makes the software that runs your system. Since the IPitomy PBX is pure software, it can run an a hardware PC platform or in the cloud.  This means that we are able to add the features that you want for a price you can afford without the consideration of complicated hardware upgrades and add-ons.  Most of our cloud based competors only allow you to have a very narrow number of phone system features.  These features are predicated on a return on investment based on the expensive equipment they have purchased.  You are only left with what options the equipment manufacturer thinks is enough.  It usually isn't.

With IPitomy, our premise based solutions run the same software as our cloud solutions.  Either way, you get a feature rich, easy to use solution.  Our Cloud based system features are identical to our premise based solutions. When you purchase a system or services from IPitomy, you get your own dedicated business phone system either on premise or hosted for you in the cloud.  No shortcuts on features and no limitations on the Cloud based systems as compared to our premise based systems.

IPitomy is a pure IP PBX that runs on your LAN and is integrated with your data network. This eliminates the additional infrastructure cost of maintaining a separate wiring system for telecommunications.

IPitomy combines a complete IP based PBX System, voice messaging system, music on hold system, queuing system, and remote extensions - all operated from one easy to use administration console and capable of integrating with branch offices. The user interface is simple and intuitive. You will benefit from the ability to add new users, to forward extensions off site, and to perform many other tasks that in the past may have generated a costly service call.