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Become an IPitomy Dealer or Agent
IPitomy is the smart choice for VoIP Dealers and Agents.  With top of the line services, products and support, you just can't go wrong.

Becoming an IPitomy Dealer or agent opens up opportunities that many competitors don't offer.  A full line of hosted, virtual and premise based products, all supported and developed by one company.  With a world class VoIP network providing competitive SIP products that are innovative and offer customers a full range of options.  Agents and dealers can choose to sell what their customers want without having to sacrifice features, functionality or price.

  • SIP Trunks
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Premise based PBX Systems
  • Call Centers
  • Full Line of Branded IP Phones, Ceiling Speakers and Door Boxes

IPitomy is a leading VoIP services provider.  Our advanced network provides high quality services and support.  Simple ordering and pre-sales support that assist you and your customers in setting up the exact application they need for their business.  IPitomy isn't just another service provider.  We have developed an exceptional platform for developing applications custom designed for your specific customer. IPitomy delivers features not available in many hosted or premise based applications.  We have the experience and the solutions that fit the needs of just about any customers. 

  • Hosted VoIP Services
  • Hosted PBX - Dedicated fully featured, fully supported Cloud based PBX
  • SIP Trunking
  • Premise based PBX Systems

IPitomy ships all hosted systems with the phones fully provisioned and tested.  We take care of all of the setup and provisioning to increase quality and assure on time delivery.  With automated attendants, ring groups, busy lamps, park and DID routing completely designed to your customers requests it just couldn't be easier.

IPitomy is a mature application developed to be flexible yet simple.  Applications for education facilities provide complete support for telecommunications, paging, scheduled school bells, overhead paging and emergency notifications.   A rich package of features like follow-me, paging, queuing and parking are available with all systems; hosted or premise based.  Available desktop applications add a layer of visibility for managers, power users and receptionists to view status of every user.  Browse our web site and get familiar with the massive feature set and see for yourself why IPitomy Dealers and Agents have the best opportunity in the industry.

IPitomy is the Total Solution
IPitomy is the total solution that you and your customers have been looking for. IPitomy is a pure IP telephony – VoIP solution that offers the best advanced technology and service at a surprisingly affordable price.

IPitomy is a new breed of products and services created to benefit re-sellers and customers. Our powerful software core has been tested in the global market for many years, evolving into a phenomenon. IPitomy systems, hosted or Premise Based, are based on this core technology with a stable base supporting a tremendous feature set. 

IPitomy has developed an incredible range of products and services that meet the demands of small to mid-sized businesses. When you become an IPitomy Dealer or Agent you will be introducing a new phenomenon into the market. You will, without a doubt, be selling the most cost competitive feature rich business communications system in the industry.

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IPitomy Buyers Guide

Feature Legacy Hybrid Hosted IP PBX PRI IP PBX SIP
Number of Users 30 30 30 30
Number of Remote Users 1 1 1 1
Cost Of PBX Provisioned for 30 Users 2,000 0 1,500 1,500
Cost per phone 200 200 200 200
Voice Mail 750 0 0 0
Music on Hold 250 0 0 0
Remote Phones 1,000 0 0 0
Conference Bridge 2,000 Fees 0 0
Unified Messaging 1,500 0 0 0
Desktop Call Manger 1,000 NA 1,000 1,000
T1/PRI Trunks 1,000 NA 1,000 0
Analog Trunks 250 NA 250 0
Total Cost of phones 6,200 6,200 6,200 6,200
Total Equipment Cost 15,950 6,200 9,950 8,700
Fee Per Extension 0 30 0 0
Monthly Fees 0 930 0 0
Monthly Broadband Cost 550 200 550 200
Cost of SIP Trunk 20 0 20 200
Total Broaband and Telco 5 Years 34,200 12,000 34,200 24,000
Fees for 5 years 0 55,800 0 0
Total cost for 5 years 50,150 74,000 44,150 32,700
Cost Per User Over 5 Years 1,618 2,387 1,424 1,055