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When an incoming call rings it’s nice to have the caller ID but better to have all of the callers CRM record up on your screen.  IPitomy Q Manager facilitates automating the process of entering the inbound caller ID into your web based CRM, Database or mapping software.  These functions can automatically pop up or users can choose to click on one or all of the screen pop applications using the caller ID and Q Manager.

Let’s say you are using a web based application like Salesforce.com.  In order to pop up a screen in Salesforce, just set up your system to automatically insert the call ID name and or number into the Salesforce.com application and the callers record pops right up.  The same is possible for any web based application like Sugar CRM, VTiger and any applications that use a browser.

If you want to get an idea of who is calling, you can also set up Q Manager to search the phone number and name in Google maps.  When a call comes in and you are not sure who it is, pop up the Google maps search and get a screen with all of the business contact information and where they are located on a map.

The system is simple to set up and simple to use.  Just cut and paste the search criteria you would use to lookup the data you want from the caller ID.  Replace the specific user information with the information needed to inset the caller ID information into the search and you are finished.

You can have multiple lookups at the same time.  If you don’t have the caller in your database, use the contact info from Google maps to add it.  The IPitomy Screen Pop package is included in your Q Manager desktop application.

Simple and Easy Screen Pops

The pictures below show the screen pop for a Google Map on the top and a screen pop from Sugar CRM.

IPitomy Also integrates with many proprietary CRM applications using third party developers.  Call IPitomy sales if you have any questions regarding integrations.


Google Maps poped up using the Caller ID Information.

Sugar CRM database lookup using caller ID.