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Case Study for a School System moving to VoIP.

Crisp County has been using the IPitomy VOIP phone system since January 2014.

We originally had a digital key system that was aging out. The motivation to move to a VoIP system came from the addition of a new school. We were left with two choices, expand on a platform that was showing its age or move to the new VoIP technology. VoIP was already an established technology by 2014 and many early adopter school systems were moving to second generation VoIP by this time. There were no concerns that the technology wouldn’t work; the concerns were how it would integrate with our network and how it would be received by the users. School systems are notorious for not responding well to change. 

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IPitomy Enhancements to Class of Service Features
In the latest software release, IPitomy has included big enhancements to the Class of Service feature.  The enhancements allow configuring groups of users and restricting the user access to dialing selected internal destinations in the PBX.
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Update Your Office with IPitomy Fax Services

IPitomy Virtual Fax makes faxing a breeze no matter where you are. Faxes can be received as email. For outbound fax send faxes right from your desktop or even your mobile phone. Of course IPitomy also has a device to connect your Fax machine if you prefer to continue to use that technology.

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IPitomy Introduces an Affordable Hotel - Motel Application.
Hotel Motel applications can be very expensive. IPitomy has developed an inexpensive Hospitality application that provides features and benefits that meet the needs of hospitality establishments without breaking the bank.  Our current solution requires the use of a third-party program that does a great job integrating with the PMS software for many hotels.  As the industry matures, it is clear that the requirements are changing in this business model.  
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