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IPitomy Introduces an Affordable Hotel - Motel Application.
Hotel Motel applications can be very expensive. IPitomy has developed an inexpensive Hospitality application that provides features and benefits that meet the needs of hospitality establishments without breaking the bank.  Our current solution requires the use of a third-party program that does a great job integrating with the PMS software for many hotels.  As the industry matures, it is clear that the requirements are changing in this business model.  
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IPitomy Case Study - ARC of Chemung

Founded in 1953, The Arc of Chemung is a not for profit organization committed to meeting the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in the Chemung County, New York State area. The agency provides quality supports and opportunities for individual growth for every person supported by means of education, increased community acceptance and participation.

The Arc of Chemung is a chapter of the state agency, NYSARC, Inc. and is nationally accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

The ARC of Chemung switched to IPitomy in an effort to modernize their telecommunications system and reduce telecom expenses.  They had been utilizing the local incumbent provider services since their inception in 1953. They had many traditional phone lines in different geographical areas to provide phone service for their residential program that provides support of supervised apartments for residents.

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IPitomy Introduces Unlimited SIP Trunking

As the demand for SIP trunking for VoIP services has grown over the years as a replacement for expensive traditional phone lines, many VoIP service providers have entered in the market with dozens of pricing plans.  IPitomy entered that market in late 2014 to complement our VoIP IP PBX product and offer our dealers’ customers a significant cost savings on their telephone services, thus creating an attractive ROI. VoIP is an extreme value for businesses justifying the cost of a new phone system.

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Expanded VLAN Configurations

IPitomy has added in an easy to use VLAN interface which allows the IP-PBX to be a DHCP server for the phones on its own virtual network.

IPitomy customers have long used VLANs in their local area configurations.  This was made easy by simply changing the master configuration file entry and all of the phones could be added to a VLAN.  As VLANs become more widely adopted among VoIP installations, IPitomy has added some features to simplify the installation and setup of IPitomy systems on VLANs.

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Leasing Adds Convenience
Business owners are continually looking for technology that will give their company an edge over their competition strategically, operationally and financially.  As customers purchase technology and services, having many different invoices from several vendors can sometimes become difficult to manage.  Most customers would prefer to have everything related to a specific technology on a single bill. 

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