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Leasing Adds Convenience
Business owners are continually looking for technology that will give their company an edge over their competition strategically, operationally and financially.  As customers purchase technology and services, having many different invoices from several vendors can sometimes become difficult to manage.  Most customers would prefer to have everything related to a specific technology on a single bill. 


Purchasing hosted VoIP services is sometimes easy when all that is required is to simply receive the pre-programmed phones and plug them in. Often this is the case, sometimes updates to infrastructure cabling, routers and switches and VoIP service agreements need to be included in the installation costs.  To simplify the process, IPitomy has developed a leasing program that includes all of the charges related to the installation of hosted VoIP systems in a single convenient bill. 

The simplicity of a single payment for the customer is great, but this also solves an additional dimension for the installing dealer.  Most dealers prefer to sell premised based products because they are employing a business model that requires the cash flow of selling and installing in the traditional sense.  With most hosted VoIP PBX systems, the selling dealer or agent receives a commission paid out over years on the sale.  While that works out for the long term, in the short term the dealers cash flow is affected while waiting to develop a recurring revenue stream.  This transition from premise based to recurring revenue can take a considerable amount of time.  IPitomy’s new lease program resolves this issue by providing our dealers and agents 100% of the earned commissions and installation/support revenue all up front once the system is installed.  This provides the benefits of high quality hosting services to your customers with the familiarity of the same business model you have employed in the past.

Customer demand for hosted PBX systems is on the rise and they have noticed that a hosted system has no hardware to maintain. Upgrades are regularly performed without the need to budget additional costs for maintenance and support. 

IPitomy supports the hosted and premise based platforms.  There are still plenty of customers that appreciate having a PBX onsite.  Combining a premise based IPitomy system with an IPitomy VoIP SIP trunk with failover to mobile phones is an excellent alternative to the hosted platform. 

As an IPitomy partner, the choice is between you and your customer.  No matter which way you go, your customer still get an IPitomy!  Your business model does not need to change.  You can meet the requirements of your customers with either a month to month hosted PBX, a three year lease on hosted VoIP including all installation and support costs in a single payment, or you can install a premise based system.  Most IPitomy dealers will use all three options based upon customers’ requirements.  The important thing to know is that at IPitomy, we always have your back!