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A critical vulnerability has been discovered in most Linux and UNIX distributions and Apple’s Mac OS X Administrators are being urged to install the latest IPitomy Software update that includes the latest patch for this issue.

Ten Creative Ways to Save Money in Your Business by Using VoIP

VoIP is a technology that is coming into its own.  It is a big money saver for businesses in many ways.  Because VoIP can route calls over SIP Trunks, the obvious savings is in the cost of your phone lines.  This is not the only way VoIP can save money.  VoIP uses your local area network and the Internet to connect the phone system to the phones.  Because this is so ubiquitous, this means that phones can be placed anywhere, moved and even be used at home or in remote offices.  This massive flexibility provides a multitude of options for businesses to save money based upon their own unique business operations.


Here is a quick list of the savings that we typically see in VoIP systems:

  1. Telephone line costs.  A traditional phone line can be replaced with the SIP trunk.  This saves from 20% to 50% on your monthly phone bill.  The huge savings here reduce monthly expenses but add performance features like direct inward dialing.
  2. Remote Workers. Different businesses have different needs.  For a fast growing business that requires employees to work from home, or maybe just an occasional ability for key employees to work from home, VoIP allows remote phones to work from anywhere.  An added bonus is that management can keep tabs on the remote workers by seeing their status on desktop management screens or by having busy lamp buttons programmed on their phone.  In some cases, businesses have been known to reduce their real estate expenses dramatically by employing remote workers, resulting in huge overhead reductions.
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IPitomy UpdateIPitomy 5.0 Software Update

IPitomy has released version 5.0 of our IP PBX software.  This version contains many new features as well as some architectural changes that will make getting updates and upgrades easier in the future.


What you will notice first
After upgrading you will see that we have made some cosmetic improvements to the Graphical User Interface (GUI).  We have optimized fonts and colors as well as updated some code so everything looks a little better in the latest browser versions.

In Context Help
Now on every page in the system there is a help button.  When you press the help key, you will bring up the section of the WIKI that has specific information to the individual page you are on.  This speeds up installation and programming.  Since the WIKI gets updated constantly, everything is always up to date.

Automatic Software Updates
With Version 5.0 and above, software updates are accessed through the "Software Updates" tab. 
When you click check for updates on this page, the system automatically checks for any available updates and applies them to the system.  This saves the time it takes to download software updates and then upload them.  Most updates will only take a minute or two and will almost never require a restart of the system.

Music on Hold for Ringback Tone on Extension
We added MOH as an option for ring back tone. This is for those users that desired to have a fixed park key setup instead of the "Dynamic Park" application that IPitomy has always had.  This is used so a call can be parked and retrieved on the same button.  In order to do this, the system must have a SIP extension for each park orbit so the system can have a BLF for park.  This requires a phone or two setup in the equipment closet.  Each line button on the phone can accommodate a park button. If you want 4 separate parks, then you will require a phone or two that have 4 available line keys. If you would prefer to not use a phone, you can use analog gateways to accomplish the same thing. We're working on an improved solution, but since several customers have requested this feature, we made this happen very quickly.  The advantage of this method is that remote offices can have a park extension with a fixed button.

Virtual Agent ACD Enhancement
The Virtual Agent enhancement allows users to log into the ACD as an agent without an extension.  Once logged in, the agent can then receive calls at any phone number.  Agents can now be part of a Queue and use their mobile phone or their home phone.  Organizations that have field reps can send calls directly to groups of reps using their mobile phones or residential phone.

Advanced Call Routing
Advanced call routing now allows incoming caller ID to be used to route calls or blacklist numbers.  Also, this new feature allows routing calls based upon user input.  For instance, callers can be prompted to enter in their ZIP code and then be routed to the group or individual responsible for that territory.  Caller ID numbers can be filtered to apply routing based upon area code or any combination of NPA NXX.

For a complete list of changes, please follow this link to the WIKI page.

IPitomy Screen-Pops Increase Efficiency in Business Communications by Leveraging VoIP, Browsers and CRM Technologies


Automatically popping up a screen in a browser based Customer Relationship Management Program like Salesforce.com, Sugar CRM or similar cloud based applications enables workers with a fast and accurate way to provide enhanced customer service.

Over the past couple of decades businesses have been increasingly relying on the internet to stay connected to their client bases. Email, webpages and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs allow businesses to operate much more efficiently than they could before the Internet revolution. Customer Service representatives can now have customer database records available automatically when they answer a call. IPitomy Communications offers robust and simple software which integrates their IPitomy VoIP telephone system with web based CRM programs that “pop” up a screen with the customer records.

Forbes has stated, “Recent studies show that companies with a fully utilized CRM system can increase sales by 29%.” Understanding the importance of CRM integration, IPitomy is constantly looking for ways to interface its state of the art VoIP system with these programs. Popular web based CRM programs such as Salesforce.com and Sugar CRM easily integrate into IPitomy’s Q-Manager call presence software, which pops the client database entry when a client calls into their system. This helps speed up order processing and ticketing applications so call centers can handle more clients. It also gives the customer service representative instant access to their client information and history so they can assist in their client’s needs more effectively.

Girl on Headset

For example, florists who have the IPitomy “Pure” IP-PBX system installed utilize Q-Manager to interface with their Teleflora and FTD order entry software. When a client calls in, their information instantly pops on their screen so the customer service rep can enter in their order quickly. This allows their business to handle more orders during those busy times of the year like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and of course Valentine’s Day, where they get large volumes of calls. If the customer service rep takes twice as long to access their CRM manually, this can result in missed orders. The IPitomy screen pop-up solution resolves this potential problem. “Our business runs so much more smoothly with the screen pop software” states Art Conforti, owner of Beneva Flowers and Gifts, “our sales agents can now answer inbound calls without having to enter in anything but the order; before they had to spend a little extra time entering in the caller’s phone number”.

As browser based programs of all types become more popular, IPitomy’s Q-Manager screen pop solution will be a critical asset for any business. Any web based software such as Google can be searched by name or phone number and can easily display callers location on a map and many other uses. For more information, please visit IPitomy.com or call IPitomy at their Sarasota headquarters, 941-306-2200.






Not Just a Cool Product...

You Join a Team.

IPitomy TeamIn today’s market most companies want you to buy their stellar product or service, yet few actually want to understand your needs, challenges and goals, and then help you tackle them. While products and services are an integral part of a company, it cannot be separated from the company and its employees who stand behind them, essentially holding them up and giving them life. There are many companies out there that have a great product, yet a few negative experiences with a customer service rep or a refusal to help solve a problem can kill the customer’s relationship with the product. This is why IPitomy has spent so much of its effort building team relationships with its dealers.



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