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You Join a Team.

IPitomy TeamIn today’s market most companies want you to buy their stellar product or service, yet few actually want to understand your needs, challenges and goals, and then help you tackle them. While products and services are an integral part of a company, it cannot be separated from the company and its employees who stand behind them, essentially holding them up and giving them life. There are many companies out there that have a great product, yet a few negative experiences with a customer service rep or a refusal to help solve a problem can kill the customer’s relationship with the product. This is why IPitomy has spent so much of its effort building team relationships with its dealers.



 While IPitomy offers the state of the art “Pure” IP-PBX at an incredible price, we understand that a product alone does not assure you or your customer’s needs are met, or if the current challenge you are facing can be overcome. Our sales advisers, tech support agents and engineers, however can team with you to offer solutions to these concerns. When you sign on as a dealer with IPitomy you are getting much more than the robust IPitomy IP-PBX that you can actually build your business upon. You actually have chosen to enter into a relationship with our team, so that we can help you overcome the challenges you face day to day. Whether it is needing advice on how to meet the needs of your customer, or finding the answer to your challenging configuration issue, we are here to help.

IPitomy does not just sign you up as a dealer, send you a demo pack and then push you into the street. We want to help you along as you take your business in an exciting new direction. We have an excellent online training academy so you can learn the system at your own pace. Our tech support is second to none with an average wait time around 60 to 90 seconds.  Our engineering department has actually developed applications upon request, such as our powerful Q-Manager, designed for the specific needs of an on-line retailer. It was such a success that it has now become part of our basic system packages.
Our team of sales advisers are always eager to share our company and its product with live webinars. In fact, if you have a potential customer who is not sure about their purchasing decision, schedule them to meet you on a webinar with us and we will be glad to share IPitomy with them. Sometimes it is nice to have another person who can give the customer another perspective when they are considering their next large purchase. Not only does it give them another perspective, it gives them confidence in the product and service they are buying. We want to create a true team experience for you and for them.  When you need help selling, our sales advisers are there to give you a hand. We are not hounding you to meet next month’s quota, since we have no quotas. Instead we are here to help you find solutions to you and your customer’s concerns, challenges and needs.  We know that ultimately it’s the relationship with our dealers, and their relationships with their customers is what really brings our cool, state of the art communications system to life!
Recent testimonial
I'm not sure where this email should go, but I just wanted to say a few things about the support staff. So I hope this makes it to the right place. I've been in IT for roughly 17 years now, and I have seen the steady decline of customer/vendor support. These days it is normal to either place an email and hope someone gets back with you or place a call and hope you can understand the person on the other side (Usually very smart individuals, but still very hard to understand). 
You can imagine my surprise when Steve gave me a number to call and someone answered... And not just answered but helped! Every time I have called in, whether it is a basic question or something a little more out there, the support staff has always helped. IPitomy seems like a close knit company so I'm sure everyone already knows how well the support division handles their duties but I felt it important to let you and everyone there know just how great the team has been! 
Thanks again!