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IPitomy Introduces Unlimited SIP Trunking

As the demand for SIP trunking for VoIP services has grown over the years as a replacement for expensive traditional phone lines, many VoIP service providers have entered in the market with dozens of pricing plans.  IPitomy entered that market in late 2014 to complement our VoIP IP PBX product and offer our dealers’ customers a significant cost savings on their telephone services, thus creating an attractive ROI. VoIP is an extreme value for businesses justifying the cost of a new phone system.

Initially, IPitomy offered our SIP trunking services through a bundled plan with enough trunks to ensure that they would never have a busy signal. These robust packages also included an allowance of minutes.  If the customer, went over the allowance, IPitomy still completed the call but would simply add a reasonable overage charge for the minutes over the allowance.  The program was built with flexibility in mind allowing customers to upgrade or downgrade their plan as their usage demands.

Most customers realize that having a bundled product providing the flexibility of bursting when needed is a very valuable attribute in a SIP trunk.  Limiting a trunk to just a single call adds additional expense as each trunk is designed for one call at a time.  Bursting to accommodate additional calls due to unusually heavy call volume can help increase customer service and sales.

While this program has been extremely successful, we still had customers requesting an unlimited plan.  As usual, IPitomy always listens to our agents, dealers and customers, so we have recently introduced an unlimited SIP Trunking product for normal business usage priced at $21 per trunk per month.  Unlimited SIP trunks are ideal for small customers who don’t require bursting.   Call Center and other extreme usage application are also available.  Please call IPitomy Sales with any questions.

So there you have it!  IPitomy has added another VoIP product to our comprehensive menu of services to give our dealers and agents all the tools that they need to be successful in the marketplace for voice and data products and services.