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IPitomy Answers The Demand For Mobility With Its Virtual ACD Agent

IPitomy Virtual Agent turns any Mobile Phone or land line into an Agent phone so Call Center Agents can log in from anywhere and begin taking calls.  Virtual Agents using a Mobile Phone or any phone from home can provide quick expansion of a mobile workforce or just help out when a key employee can’t get into the office.

As the demand rises for mobility solutions IPitomy stays on the cutting edge of technology by constantly introducing new mobility features and applications. With the release of its 5.0 software release, IPitomy’s ACD application now has an added enhancement called Virtual Agent.

The Virtual Agent enhancement has completely eliminated the need to have an extension off of the phone system to answer calls as an ACD agent.  Agents can now call into the IP-PBX through a menu and access an agent gateway, which allows them to log into the system with any phone number. When the agent accesses the agent gateway they will key in their agent number and a password. Then they will be asked to enter the phone number from which they wish to receive the ACD calls.

Once logged in, the agent is part of the system and can take calls as required. 

“This new enhancement means that someone working from home with sick children for example, does not need a remote phone or a softphone to receive ACD calls off of their business phone system” states Matt Bellisario, IPitomy Regional Sales Manager “the user’s mobile phone or home phone functions as their remote phone for the system allowing them to log in or out as required”.

Mobility has now been taken to a new level since even a cell phone can be part of the ACD group with no added apps or softphones. For companies with employees who are on the move, this enhancement gives them a powerful mobile option.  For disaster recovery and emergency situations, employees can still answer phones from anywhere if required without any special programming.  IPitomy Virtual Agent is an important component  in any disaster recovery or emergency backup plan.

Efficient call routing is obviously a critical function of any phone system, and IPitomy has just raised the bar higher with its newly added value enhancement. All ACD packages that have the latest 5.o software will now have access to the Virtual Agent!

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