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Microsoft’s launch this week of its Office Communication Server 2007 is a significant event in the IP communications/unified communications market. The new offering puts Microsoft in competition with some companies, but complements the offerings of others.


IPitomy is one company that views its solutions as offering enhancements to what Microsoft is offering. A self-described “all-in-one communications resource,” IPitomy offers IP PBXs and IP phones geared toward the small to medium-sized business (SMB) market.

To find out more about how IPitomy’s solutions fit within the unified communications universe, TMCnet asked the company’s president, Nick Branica, to share his perspective.

TMCnet: How would you define ‘unified communications’?

NB: Unified communications is the unification of all media types used in business—resulting in enhanced collaboration, quicker response time and an intelligent use of resources. UM empowers IT, communications and human resources departments to harmonize as one cohesive resource capable of providing more value than simply the sum of their parts.

TMCnet: How would you describe the current state of the unified communications industry?

NB: All of the components are available; the challenge is in recognizing the value to each individual unique enterprise and tailoring a solution that fits into their budget and meets their needs.

TMCnet: How is Microsoft OCS 2007 significant for the IP communications industry?

NB: Every time we see another Titan jump into the IP communications space, it further legitimizes the IP communications model. 

TMCnet: In what ways will the release of Microsoft OCS 2007 affect IPitomy’s market strategy?

NB: We’ll embrace it. It may not be the right fit for every business who may be interested in our IP communications products and services, but for those who can see the benefits, we’ll develop ways of interfacing that will enhance both products.

TMCnet: In what capacity, if any, does IPitomy currently partner with Microsoft? How, if at all, will this change after the release of Microsoft OCS 2007?

NB: We have some integration with Outlook now. We provide a user-friendly IP communications platform that can deliver the multiple media paths of TDM and VoIP to any business application including those from Microsoft.

TMCnet: What is IPitomy’s flagship product and how does it relate to Microsoft OCS 2007?

NB: IPitomy’s IP1000 and IP1500 IP communications platforms connect to the PSTN and VoIP providers at a very low cost. The low cost of entry and the high feature set that we deliver puts us on a parallel path with the Microsoft products. The fact that IPitomy has a much easier installation process, requires very little training, and is low in cost, sets us apart from the Microsoft product. IPitomy has a wealth of experience in delivering advanced communications applications and we have all the features that small- to mid-sized businesses require. 

TMCnet: How does the release of Microsoft OCS 2007 affect enterprises? Small businesses?

NB: The increased visibility of IP communications brought on by Microsoft’s UC launch will help educate small and enterprise customers about the technology and can only help the industry as a whole.

TMCnet: In your opinion, what is the most significant aspect of Microsoft OCS 2007?

NB: The fact the world’s technology leader is about to popularize IP Communications technology is incredible. 

TMCnet: What are some of IPitomy’s current unified communications-related initiatives?

NB: IPitomy is an all-in-one communications resource. Our products unify and enhance the business environment by making enterprise features available to any company. Our current initiatives are driving toward more user customization of the communications environment by providing simple tools that expand control over everyday tasks and make exploiting unified communications easy and more accessible.

TMCnet: What else do people need to know about Microsoft OCS 2007 and IPitomy?

NB: As Microsoft OCS 2007 moves from Redmond to companies around the country, IPitomy will be the industry’s choice for providing a simple and reliable IPPBX system feeding media and messages to the Microsoft environment.