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IPitomy Screen-Pops Increase Efficiency in Business Communications by Leveraging VoIP, Browsers and CRM Technologies


Automatically popping up a screen in a browser based Customer Relationship Management Program like Salesforce.com, Sugar CRM or similar cloud based applications enables workers with a fast and accurate way to provide enhanced customer service.

Over the past couple of decades businesses have been increasingly relying on the internet to stay connected to their client bases. Email, webpages and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs allow businesses to operate much more efficiently than they could before the Internet revolution. Customer Service representatives can now have customer database records available automatically when they answer a call. IPitomy Communications offers robust and simple software which integrates their IPitomy VoIP telephone system with web based CRM programs that “pop” up a screen with the customer records.

Forbes has stated, “Recent studies show that companies with a fully utilized CRM system can increase sales by 29%.” Understanding the importance of CRM integration, IPitomy is constantly looking for ways to interface its state of the art VoIP system with these programs. Popular web based CRM programs such as Salesforce.com and Sugar CRM easily integrate into IPitomy’s Q-Manager call presence software, which pops the client database entry when a client calls into their system. This helps speed up order processing and ticketing applications so call centers can handle more clients. It also gives the customer service representative instant access to their client information and history so they can assist in their client’s needs more effectively.

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For example, florists who have the IPitomy “Pure” IP-PBX system installed utilize Q-Manager to interface with their Teleflora and FTD order entry software. When a client calls in, their information instantly pops on their screen so the customer service rep can enter in their order quickly. This allows their business to handle more orders during those busy times of the year like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and of course Valentine’s Day, where they get large volumes of calls. If the customer service rep takes twice as long to access their CRM manually, this can result in missed orders. The IPitomy screen pop-up solution resolves this potential problem. “Our business runs so much more smoothly with the screen pop software” states Art Conforti, owner of Beneva Flowers and Gifts, “our sales agents can now answer inbound calls without having to enter in anything but the order; before they had to spend a little extra time entering in the caller’s phone number”.

As browser based programs of all types become more popular, IPitomy’s Q-Manager screen pop solution will be a critical asset for any business. Any web based software such as Google can be searched by name or phone number and can easily display callers location on a map and many other uses. For more information, please visit IPitomy.com or call IPitomy at their Sarasota headquarters, 941-306-2200.